Scientific and Petroleum Engineering Consulting Services

Boffin Solutions provides scientific and petroleum engineering consulting services, with emphasis on finite element modeling of fluid flow coupled to relevant phenomena, for systems of complex geometries.

Subsurface Computational Analysis using COMSOL MultiphysicsFree-channel and porous media flow, including fractured reservoirsSingle- and two-phase flow (immiscible fluids and dispersed particles)Non-Darcy flowHeat transferSolute transportPoroelasticity
Upstream TechnologyReservoir-wellbore interfaceProppants and well sand controlRock and fluid physics

Ionut Prodan is the Principal of Boffin Solutions. Prior to founding the consultancy, he worked for Shell and Marathon Oil in upstream R&D. He earned his doctorate in physics from Rice University in Houston, Texas, where he conducted research work on photo-association of ultra-cold atoms and on computational solid state chemistry.